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How it Works

The guide to breaking shit!

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Step 1:

Come on in! We welcome walk-ins, but we recommend you make a reservation using our website so you can skip the line.


You must be 13 or older to participate. Anyone under 18 requires a parent or guardian to be present to sign a waiver.

Step 2:

When you arrive you will select a Rage Package (see our pricing page), put on a jumpsuit, and sign a waiver.


Wear long pants and long sleeves with a tight neck so you don’t have to wear one of our jumpsuits. Closed toe shoes are a must!

Step 3:

You get to pick the items you want to smash! Don’t forget to check out the add-on items too! We will take you to your room where you will smash all the items you selected!

Step 4:

We will take you into one of the Rage Rooms where you will receive a quick safety talk, put on your safety gear, and get some music setup so you can rage out to the perfect soundtrack.

Step 5:

Have a great time and break shit! We encourage you to take your time and have fun, get creative in how you smash shit and take some pictures and video along the way.

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