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Standard Packages and Monthly Subscriptions


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Due to Covid-19 our supply of jumpsuits is extremely limited. We ask that all participants wear long pants and long sleeves so that no jumpsuit is required. Because of our increased costs and the limited availability, if you need a jumpsuit, there will be a $5 charge per jumpsuit.

Standard Packages

Bash It | $49
22 small items, 2 medium items, 8 bottles

Break It | $59
24 small items, 4 medium items, 10 bottles

Wreck It | $69
26 small items, 6 medium items, 12 bottles

Smash It | $79
28 small items, 8 medium items, 14 bottles

Crush It | $99
30 small items, 10 medium items, 16 bottles, 1 large item

Destroy It | $129
32 small items, 12 medium items, 18 bottles, 2 large items

Obliterate It | $159
34 small items, 14 medium items, 20 bottles, 2 large items, 3 add-ons

Monthly Subscriptions

Do you really like to break stuff?

With our monthly subscription options you get four visits per month for the price of three.

Bash It | $147/m

Break It | $177/m

Wreck It | $207/m

Smash It | $237/m

Crush It | $297/m

Destroy It | $387/m

Obliterate It | $477/m

Pricing is per package (not per person). You can have up to five people in your group. Just remember, the more people you have in your group, the less items each person you will get, as the items in the package or being split amount everyone. Larger groups may want to consider larger packages, or purchasing multiple packages to make sure everyone has enough items to smash.

All packages are subject to changes in price, item counts, and types without notice.

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