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Rules and Safety

We want everyone to have a great time at the ABQ Rage Room, staying safe is a very important part of that. We ask that all participants follow common-sense rules when in our facility.

Reserve a RoomRules and Safety Info

All participant must sign a waiver to experience the Rage Room. If a participant is under 18 years of age the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. (No minors under the age of 13 allowed to participate)

Mandatory Safety Equipment

To enter one of the three Rage Rooms participants must be outfitted with the following protective equipment.

  • Protective Gloves – We provide this
  • Hard Hat – We provide this
  • Face Shield – We provide this
  • Closed Toe Shoes – You provide this
  • Long Pants and Long Sleeves – You provide this OR a protective jumpsuit – We provide this

Safety Rules

  1. The participant must wear all safety equipment while in a Rage Room.
  2. Smashing instruments must not be removed from the Rage Rooms.
  3. The participant will stop smashing items and will place all weapons on the ground when the music stops or at the direction of a staff member.
  4. Once the staff member has completed set up and exits the room participants may enter and begin their session.
  5. Only swing at or throw items in direction of throw wall.
  6. No swinging or throwing items at the ceiling, floor, or in the opposite direction of throw wall.
  7. Use good judgment and pay attention to surroundings.
  8. Participants must listen to staff member instructions at all times.
  9. If any safety issues are observed music will be immediately stopped and the participant will be advised of safety concerns.
  10. Once a session is completed the participant will leave all demolished material and smashing instruments in the room, exit, and place their protective gear in their appropriate containers.


For everyone’s safety and security video and audio recording is in effect.

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